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Al-mansor State Contracting Company is one of the buildings related to the Ministry of Reconstruction & Housing , it is one of the greatest companies currently working in Iraq specialized in erection works including residential complexes , Hospitals , Drugs Factories , Developing Airports , Grains Warehouses, colleges’ buildings , Electrical Stations ,Telecommunication Exchanges ,Banks , Mosques , Religion Shrines & Gas Stations ...etc. it was established, according to the companies’ law no. (66) Issued in 1987 . Since the establishment, the company commence its, great and various projects that occupied high importance….and due to the experienced and sufficient staff, the other companies for what the company is characterized by such as execution time limit, quality and specifications applications

Scientific Publications

The Company publishes scientific Publications

Branches sites and production plants on the map

Branches sites and production plants on the map

Company Production

Company Production

Housing Complexes

The most important accomplishments of the Al-Mansour company in the field of residential complexes... Read more...

   The production factories

Al-mansor state company is one of the buildings related to the Ministry of Housing of Reconstruction considered as a pioneer in the field of executing many constructional projects, since our company establishment, great projects have been executed all over the country. The company has two precast factories located in Baghdad & kerkuk specialized in producing precast housing complexes that consist of precast isolated concrete. In addition to the other factory in AL- Nahrawan which is specialized in producing concrete girders for Bridges & ceilings (type TT) kindly knowing that our company, along with the two factories, is ready to produce precast concrete kiosks, fences, watching towers& waiting stations of different uses & sizes that can be used as guards kiosks, in addition to selling & purchasing kiosk.

  • Al tahrir precast factory in Kirkuk .

    It produces precast planes upon order capacity of factory about one apartment a day . In our projects ( Banja ali, shorawo, orphanage ) , The factory contributed up to 50 housing blocks . in addition to precast ceilings for 400 houses in Kiwan project .


  • Nineveh concrete and block factory

    It produces hollow blocks 20*20*40/price 625, available amounts 25649, central mixers kind Alph 30m3 /hour . also, it has two central mixers to provide concrete and production capacity 30m3/hour each with block pressing machine / local industry . Finally the factory has block making machine upon order ,capacity 2000-1500 blocks /a day

  • Altamam block factory

    It produces solid block 10*20*20 , central mixers kind alpha 30m3/hour with block pressing machine /local industry

  • Altaji precast factory

    It produces precast panels upon order production capacity one apartment /a day The factory produced 30 hours for Badir establishment, public estuary and two floor bridge pillars, precast ceilings for Hamad market project. Also, the factory produced 24 housing blocks in saba abkar, 8 blocks for high court assembly, ceilings for 50 hours and various fences for all company's projects.

  • Babil block factory.

    It produces concretes and block .It lies in Hilla city . It has 2 central mixers capacity 30m3/hours each . in addition , block maker machine capacity 1500-2000blocks / hour along with additional equipment.

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Al-Mansour State Company for Constructions of important formations of the Ministry of Construction and Housing in Iraq


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General Director expert /Mr.Eng. FADHIL Mohammed Khadim



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To get comprehensive quality management ,we should know what does each word mean (management -quality-comprehensive). Management :- it consists of four management axises beginning from planning ,organization ,direction, following and applying these texts to quality programs Quality :- as modern texts refers, quality meets beneficiary 's demands Comprehensive :- because it reviews all parts of work whatever it is tiny. Quality management of Driving construction projects